NewsInternational Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

The clusters of International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) will include a wide range of residential towers with landscaped gardens, and waterways. IMPZ aims to create a unique environment for media production companies to setup base camp here, and also provides affordable living accommodation for these companies.
IMPZ is a relatively new development area however it will strikes investors as an interesting investment area. With 30% devoted to residential and 70% to commercial and investing in a residential unit will bring investors some good returns. The fact that the new airport is going to be close to the development as well as the fact that the old media zone (close to Jumeirah) is now 100% occupied, this area will draw a lot of interest. The unit prices are reasonable and comparable to Sports City.
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Dubai Property Show are pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive new development within one of the hottest new areas of Dubai, The IMPZ (International Media Production Zone).

DIFC Dubai Business Environment

There is no corporate tax in Dubai.

The only exceptions to this are for oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks. Likewise, there are no personal taxes. Direct taxation is against the traditions of the UAE and it is highly unlikely that it will be introduced in the near future.


Dubai Real Estate Market

Ever since the summer of 2002 when Dubai allowed investors of any nationality to come in on select property developments, the face of Dubai has never been the same. The vibrancy in Dubai’s property market can be seen from the fact that projects worth over US$ 30 billion are currently under development in Dubai. Further, US$5.5 billion of new construction related projects have been tendered since the beginning of 2004, and between 2004 and 2010, the total investment in the real estate sector will be in the range of US$ 50 billion.
Even businesses in the real estate sector are struggling to keep up with the sheer pace of developments in Dubai. As soon as properties are released - and this often happens before they are completed - they get snapped up and are often sold on at a significant premium.


DubaiHistory Of Successful Dubai

Dubai city is built along the edge of a narrow 10km long, winding creek which divides the southern section of Bur Dubai, the city's traditional heart, from the northern area of Deira.
Jebel Ali, home of a huge man-made port, has the largest free-trade zone in Arabia housing an ever growing list of international corporations which use the zone for both manufacturing and as a redistribution point.
Dubai International Airport is second only to Tokyo in the number of daily transit passengers it handles and second only to Seattle as a sea-air hub. Its harbor is the most important port in the Middle East and is ranked among the world's top 15 in terms of container throughput.
Anticipating the travel demands of the 21st century, the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation commenced a US$540 million expansion program in 1997 which was completed with the opening of the Sheikh Rashid Terminal in 2000.
Modern Dubai is the product of the past 20 years of intensive development. Prior to that, Dubai was a small trading port, clustered around the mouth of the Creek.
It had grown gradually from a fishing village inhabited in the 18th century by members of the Bani Yas tribe. Its origins, however, go back into the far more distant past. The town’s museum displays a rich collection of objects found in graves of the first millennium BC at nearby Al Qusais, while a caravan station of the sixth century AD was excavated in the expatriate suburb of Jumeirah.

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